Which may be why the gender gap,which has been giving Obama a big advantage
 1,the first person to be so designated since Al Capone. Danyia Bell (left),16,and Artureana Terrell,16,read a program for the funeral of Hadiya Pendleton outside the Greater Harvest Missionary Baptist Church in Chicago on February 9. (Nam Y. Huh/AP)As announced by the Chicago Crime Commission on the 84thanniversary of the Saint Valentine’s Day massacre—in which Capone’s men gunned down seven rivals—the new public enemy No. goyard wallet 1 is Joaquín Guzmán Loera,head of the Sinaloa drug cartel. His nickname is El Chapo,which is Spanish slang for "shorty." The commission noted that Guzman is under federal indictment for running up to 2,000 kilograms of cocaine through Chicago. He is also alleged to send vast amounts of amphetamines and marijuana,distributing it all through "traffic managers" to a host of gangs,so that he is responsible for up to 90 percent of all the drugs on the street,bringing in over $1.
Season 7 will be Mad Men’s final season. How does it feel knowing that you’re now that much closer to the end and what freedom is there in being able to plan out the final arcs for these characters with that foreknowledge?Weiner: You know what? I’m not thinking about it. I don’t know that it’s freedom. It’s very intimidating,and it’s going to be an emotional journey that I’ve never experienced. I’ve got the classic response to it: I’m not thinking about it. It’s been a magical experience in everyone’s lives who have been a part of it. We can’t believe it’s happened and it’s a very peculiar show. We are still this strange genre-free underdog and the great thing is that we’ve been afforded the luxury,through our modest success,that the network and the studio have let us do the show as honestly as we want.
 But Pope Benedict,who is stepping down from his papacy on February 28,only found time to approve O’Brien’s resignation last Friday. The resignation,and the presumed assumption that O’Brien will not participate in the conclave to elect the next pope,is just the latest in an avalanche of sleazy scandals to rock the Vatican since the pope tendered his resignation on February 11. And,given the speed at which the Vatican’s skeletons are surfacing,O’Brien’s resignation has left many wondering how many cardinals will be left by the time the conclave begins. A Thursday Sept. 16,2010 photo from files showing Cardinal Keith Patrick O'Brien speaking to the media in Edinburgh,Scotland. Cardinal O'Brien resigned Monday Feb 25,2013 due to allegations of misconduct.
 ?Which may be why the gender gap,which has been giving Obama a big advantage,has started to close: ?"In general,women tend to be later decision-makers than men and the Obama campaign has gone out of their way to run a negative campaign against Governor Romney among women,goyard tote  " Newhouse says. "The first debate had a significant impact on these voters as they watched it and Governor Romney appeared nothing like the candidate that was essentially a caricature in the advertising by the Obama campaign. It's these voters who began to realize that the picture being painted of him was not reality." Of course,this is Romney's campaign talking,so take that with a big grain of salt.
 On the standout track "Lamborghini Angels," the rapper riffs on everything from MK-Ultra programming and pedophilia in the Catholic Church to human-rights abuses during the war in Afghanistan. Lupe Fiasco talks to The Daily Beast about his career. "This is Lupe’s history," he says with a grin. "It came from America. Howard Zinn is definitely the inspiration for it. Zinn was the person who gave you an alternative view of American history,and people beat the shit out of him for it. It took decades for people to grasp it."As for current U.S. affairs,when given the chance to play political analyst and break down the presidential election stateside,Lupe remains critical of both Oval Office candidates.
2 in magnitude that was felt as far away as New York City. That quake created what is called a "submarine slide." Forty-eight cubic miles of sediment from the continental shelf sheared off,and the tsunami created by this displacement claimed 29 lives in Newfoundland."I think the possibility that a similarly large earthquake could occur off the East Coast of the U.S. has to be considered," says Canadian seismologist Allison Bent. But the question is whether such an earthquake would produce a tsunami. The majority of earthquakes in the region are "strike-slip," meaning the movement is horizontal. These,she explains,generally don’t produce tsunamis. The probability of a submarine slide is low,but,she adds,"not zero.
 (KCS/Splash News)Between fashion shows and television appearances,this year is shaping up to be a busy one for Dehar. Last month Zahia,From Z to A,a documentary directed by Hugo Lopez,aired on French national television. Giving a peek into Dehar’s pink-colored world,it focuses on the creation of her latest lingerie collection. "Zahia is sort of contemporary myth,which is both sad and beautiful," Lopez wrote in a letter to French magazine Le Nouvel Observateur the day the film aired. "She is a media icon,perhaps the most scrutinized French personality at the moment,the person that people most fantasize about." A day later,on January 23,Dehar showcased her second couture lingerie line at the Palais de Tokyo during Paris Haute Couture Week.
Despite this,in September 2000,the whole endeavor collapsed with the outbreak of the second Palestinian Intifada. A time of hope was succeeded by a horrendous explosion of violence and a period of mutual recrimination and suspicion between Israelis and Palestinians. Barak still contends that,in the summer of 2000 at a conference convened at Camp David by President Bill Clinton,he offered the Palestinians the best deal any Israeli leader had ever proposed,and he was answered not just with rejection but with gratuitous violence. An alternative interpretation is that Barak's proposal was a blatant attempt to bully the Palestinians into accepting a truncated and unsustainable Palestinian state,limited in sovereignty,hemmed in by Jewish settlements,and controlled by an oppressive system of closures and roadblocks.
 Warren Buffett,the homespun Omaha billionaire who holds on to stocks and companies for decades,is increasingly an anomaly in the investing world. In 1960 a share on the New York Stock Exchange was generally held for about eight years. But over time,all sorts of investors—mutual funds,pensions,individual traders—have developed quick triggers. By last year,the typical holding period had fallen to about 18 months. If an investment doesn't pay off in six quarters,most investors jump ship—or clamor for the captain to be tossed overboard. Jason DeCrow/APThis shortened attention span is one of the reasons that Michael Dell,the billionaire founder and CEO of the computer corporation Dell,cited for banding together with private equity firms and offering to take the company out of the public markets through an acquisition.
 8,but Martin is perhaps better known across the pond as the first swearing consultant ever hired by the network—or any network,for that matter. Now Americans can enjoy Martin’s particular talent for expletives,thanks to Hulu, goyard which is co-producing Season 4 of the cult U.K. hit and airing it on Sundays,the day after the BBC world premiere. The U.S. streaming site airs the series with curses intact as opposed to BBC America,which has not yet released its premiere date for the new season but "abides by basic cable television common practice in the U.S. in using bleeps to cover profanity in its programs," according to a spokesperson."It’s not that I want to bring swearing to the masses," Iannucci recently told the Associated Press of the Hulu deal,"but just the rhythm of certain speech I think requires you to hear the full vocal effect.
 I was nervous,but it ended up helping with Chloe who always feels a little uncomfortable,or like she's intruding. And to see a person like Julia,who thinks it's fun and gets it done—that wasn't supposed to rhyme—made it feel a lot more relaxed. And finally on my last day I was like,"I got this!" but then I was done.You share a great scene with Julia Louis-Dreyfus and James Gandolfini at the breakfast table,where you quiz him on his TV knowledge. What was it like acting with Gandolfini?It was really nerve-racking,but he's just so normal and nice and funny. I was really nervous and I think he picked up on that a little and asked me questions about my life and gave me words of encouragement.